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Maintaining the cleanliness and order of your home can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, with all the clothes, papers, food containers and random objects that one person uses and discards all over the house in the course of any given day. Add children and pets to the mix, and you’re probably facing a constant struggle to keep things spick and span.

But whilst the visible objects lying all around your house might be an eyesore, it’s actually the unseen accumulation of dirt and debris that presents a greater threat to your family’s health and well-being. A lot of this hidden dirt lies in your carpets and can lead to allergies, illnesses and breathing difficulties, especially in younger children.

Carpets and other soft furnishings tend to gather and store most of this dirt, particularly if you’ve been a little too busy to do more than the cursory vacuum job every now and then. If you’re concerned about the dirt and dust that could be hiding deep in your carpets, then it’s time to give Carpet Cleaning London a call. Our thorough and efficient carpet cleaning services will fit right into your busy schedule, giving you the peace of mind that your home is a clean and safe place, despite those piles of toys on the living room floor.

For the cleanest carpet possible, steam cleaning is the only method that really works. With our steam cleaning service, every last fibre in your carpet is subjected to high pressure, high temperature rinses of hot air and water combined with top quality cleaning solutions. Finally, the moisture is extracted at high pressure out of your carpets to thoroughly dry each fibre. This meticulous carpet cleaning method also has the advantage of using high te mperatures, which kill any germs, bugs or eggs that might be in your carpet, so you can be positive that your carpets are as sterile as possible after a treatment from us.

Whilst steam cleaning is the most hygienic and efficient method of cleaning all kinds of carpets, it must be performed by experienced people for the best results. Carpet Cleaning London’s cleaners are routinely trained and observed to maintain our standards of service. You can relax in the knowledge that your carpets will be well taken care of. In less time than it will take you to alphabetize your record collection, colour code your children’s wardrobes and stack every last building block, Carpet Cleaning London will remove all the dust and germs from the carpets in your home. After all, a little mess isn’t a dangerous thing, but the hidden germs and dirt that might be lying in your carpets could endanger your family’s health. We’ll help you keep a clean, dust-free home to protect your family’s wellbeing.

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Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

Unlike vacuum cleaners, which only use suction outwards to remove dirt, our steam cleaning service injects and then extracts the steam cleaning solution repeatedly into and out of your carpets, leaving them thoroughly washed.

Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Deep Upholstery Cleaning And Stain Protection. We focuse on restoration of the original look and beauty of your furnture.

Rug Cleaning

Efficient Deep Rug Cleaning And Stain Protection. Combination of of our state of the art cleaning machines plus years of experience make us your one stop shop when it comes to rug cleaning.

Leather Cleaning

Your leather sofa looks lifeless and dull after cleaning it yourself? It is important to be professionally cleaned as damaging the leather is irreversible. Call for a free quote and best services around.

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